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A miracle witnessed.

This is a true story.

My 13-year-old cat Kenchu passed away on July 23rd 2020. It has been very tough to deal without his physical presence around me. We have moved cities and houses together. He was an important part of my life since the time he made his entry.

On one Sunday, approx. after a month of Kenchu’s death, I was speaking to my dear friend, Irfan, who feeds stray cats and dogs around the area I live. I was telling him how my other cat, Belli has been feeling a bit low since Kenchu has passed away. And how I might have to get a kitty for Belli to have some company. He asked me to accompany him while he feeds in the afternoon to see a few cats, because he said there was one black kitten that needs a home. When I saw this black cat, I got an immediate feeling that the black kitten is happy where he is, loves the company of other cats around and can very well take care of himself. Moreover, my friend is feeds him every day.

Then we went to a parking lot, where he mentioned that there was a small kitty that was hiding under a car for the past 3 days. He could only hear the loud mews as the kitty never came out of its hiding place in spite of him placing food and water. Irfan was worried that the kitty might not survive if he doesn’t come out to eat the food.

When we reached the parking lot and called for the kitty, we could hear loud mews but couldn’t figure from under which car was the kitty. So, I telepathically told the kitty to guide me, I followed his mews, bent under a car and told the kitty telepathically, that we mean no harm, we intend to feed him and asked to show himself. Immediately, the kitty came out and darted towards me.

It was a sweet little, around 30 day old kitty, extremely hungry and thirsty. He gobbled up the food and started playing with my feet. 🙂

Irfan was like. “this is destined. You should take him home!” I was thrilled, but nervous too. What if he has his mom around somewhere? I would not want to take such a small kitty away from its mom ever. So I said, let’s give him one more day to check if his mom is around and since he has had his food he should be fine for a day here.
I wanted to communicate more with the kitty and Belli too, before I adopted him.

Thankfully, I had a meeting later that night, with my teacher Maia Kincaid to evaluate my 6 months of animal communication training with her. So, in the session, before I could bring up the kitty, she told me that she has a message from Kenchu and that he wants me not to wait any longer, but to get another cat as he wants to be back with me. And that’s when I told her about the parking lot kitty. It is absolutely amazing the ways these animals operate!

Together we communicated to check if that Kitty was Kenchu and we heard that Kenchu is still not in any form and he is waiting for me to choose a cat and then he would arrange to switch souls to get into the cat I choose. We checked if this particular kitty was the right form for him to express his personality. We heard it was good and any form he gets into, he will make it his own gorgeous self. But to act fast as he wants to be back with me as soon as possible.


But then I wondered what will happen to the kitty’s soul. So, we spoke to Kitty and we heard he is kind of aimless right now and would welcome another soul. Soul Exchange?! I know about reincarnation, but exchange of souls was somewhat hard to believe.  

But my teacher explained that she has learnt from animals that they can easily exchange, and the other soul will be born again. And especially with cats it is as simple and quick like snapping your fingers.


We also checked with Belli, because he is usually aggressive with other cats. So how would he react to having a new kitty at home. Would he accept it? Now since the time we have been talking to Kenchu and Kitty, I could sense a visible shift in Belli’s energy. He had been lethargic since Kenchu passed away. But from the moment we started talking about the possibility of getting this new kitty, Belli had been jumping around and showing excitement. Belli communicated that he can’t wait for Kenchu’s return. And he will be like a big Daddy to the small Kenchu now. I could also hear from Kenchu that the tables have turned. As before Belli used to jump on, bother and wrestle with Kenchu, but now the little kitty is totally gonna boss Belli. Roles are reversed.  
Early next morning, Irfan and I headed to the parking lot and was relieved to find the kitty still there. We fed him and bought him home.

I was still wondering if the exchange of the souls has happened and asked the kitty to show me if he is truly Kenchu now. The kitty goes to Kenchu’s favorite bed and slept just like the way Kenchu did, with his head on the higher bump. Kenchu used to love to rest his head in

this similar manner. The kitty waited for me to observe this and looked straight into my eyes and then curled up and went off to sleep.

I heard that the kitty wants to be named Kenchu! Kenchu in Kannada means reddish brown, the colour Kenchu was. And though this Kitty is white and black, he insisted I call him Kenchu, as that is how it should be. So the kitty was christened Kenchu Jr.


I was amazed by how Kenchu Jr knows his way around the house. He knew exactly where his litter box is, his food, water etc.. it was like he knew and didn’t have to figure his way out in the house.

Slowly as the time passed, more and more I know and realise this is same old Kenchu in a new body.

Kenchu jr, is just like my old Kenchu, in habits, nature and body language. He chews on things like he used to (Cats normally scratch and not chew, but Kenchu loved to chew on beds and sofas, an annoying habit he enjoys), somehow manages to escape out the window mesh and walk on the ledge, loves to look at water droplets trickling and play with it, sniffs out hidden cat food packets, tears and eats the food inside, though he hasn’t met my mom as Kenchu Jr yet, he goes to her room and sleeps on her bed on the side like Kenchu used to, his overall body language very much like kenchu.

This is truly a miracle and I can’t thank universe more for it. I feel blessed to have learnt animal communication, because though all the events would have happened in the same manner as it has now, I wouldn’t have witnessed this miracle with this level of awareness.

Autem dicant cum ex, ei vis nibh solum simul, veritus fierent fastidii quo ea.
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