I have been a successful Media professional for the past 20 years.
And I didn’t have any plans of shifting focus elsewhere.
Till one day, all of a sudden, my two cats started attacking each other brutally. It just wouldn’t stop. It became so bad that I had to put them in separate rooms. I tried everything, from cat behaviourists to medication.
And then I heard about animal communication.
Let me try this one last thing, I thought, before giving up altogether and putting one of them up for adoption.
And believe me, it changed everything.
A session with the expert showed me that the problem was to do with the way I regarded my cats, how I thought one was weaker and needed more love, while the one that needed more acceptance and love was actually the other ‘ferocious’ cat. Within a few weeks of working on this, the ferocious cat stopped the fight. It looked more like the cat was fighting his way into my heart. (to read a detailed version, check the blog.)
This changed something in me forever. So I decided that along with my present career responsibilities, I will work hard to make time for animal communication and conservation. Gradually I plan to do it full-time, therefore dedicating the second phase of my life to these lovely friends of ours. And with Ubuntu I endeavour to help as many animals and their owners, as well as connect with other like-minded individuals to impact the community at large in whatever way we can.

-Ramya Rao
Certified Animal Communicator from the Maia Kincaid School of Communication.
Advanced animal communication workshop by Earthwise.
Practices Vipassana.



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