What can you ask your pets
What can you ask your pets

You can ask anything you would want to know.

  • Be it simple questions like “Are you happy? Do you like your food?”
  • To complicated issues like “Are you in pain?
  •  Do you any health concerns? Is medication required?
  • Why do you have this “unacceptable” behaviour?What will make you stop?”
  • Would you like another animal companion?
  • Do you need anything more from your human?

You can ask your ailing or dying pets, what would help to ease their pain, or whether they need aid in their transition. Any requests they have?

Pets that have transitioned are also available to speak to and help with the healing process of their humans. They generally have messages for their humans sometimes also letting them know how they would be back in their lives again. There are times when they are actually working as your guiding angels and may be available to always telepathically connect for guidance.

With missing pets, we can check on how they are doing, if theyare finding food etc and sometimes they might be willing to share their location and would want their human to go and fetch them. And in other cases, they might just be having a great adventure and not want to come back. As communicators we can only communicate with them but can’t force them to tell us what they don’t want to divulge.So we don’t promise to bring back your pet, because that is totally their prerogative.But communication can helpus understand how they are feeling and the reason why they left home. And at times understanding that and making changes as per their requests can help bring them back on their own will.

Communication with your pets will also help when you are planning on going on a holiday, moving homes or neutering them. It will help your pets ease into the new situation easily with communication.

We can speak to the pet you plan to bring into the family to check if the animal will fit well into the family with the family members, including other pets present.

On addition of a family member into the family, can ask how will your pet react to it.

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