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Godmother to my pet

There’s one virtue that surfaces every time I speak of Ramya and when I speak to her, Empathy.
My cat Champa and I embarked on this journey of getting to know each other almost about a year back. En route, we met Ramya, who started as an interpreter. Champa gave me dreams, Ramya would explain its connotations. She made herself available at odd hours to answer health-related questions when I was worried sick. ‘Does she have a stomach ache, can you ask Champa please?’,  and she would do it. She would offer to check in on her after a vet visit. I was very curious about her past and Ramya helped me find all the answers. I feel so much more connected to Champa now, all thanks to her love for these beautiful souls she connects flawlessly with. Stepping into another dimension and finding answers for you, she does it selflessly. I am only lucky to have found a friend in her, and Champa her Godmother. We are family now, pawing and purring with love!

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