Happy, my cat fell sick with a condition called FIP – a fatal feline illness which has no cure. A friend got me in touch with Ramya. I hadn’t heard of animal communication before this, and although I was skeptical to try it out, I was also really helpless and in despair. I sent some pictures of Happy over to Ramya, along with the questions I wanted Happy to answer. Little did I know that for the next week, Ramya would become such a significant part of our lives. We’d never met before, but she was there for us in ways I cannot describe. Apart from accurately telling me what Happy was going through, how he was feeling and what his wishes were, she was also incredibly supportive and empathetic of all our struggles. Happy’s health was spiralling, and my family and I were distraught. On April 28th, Happy passed away. It also happened to be Ramya’s birthday the same day. Everything felt really connected somehow.
Ramya’s helped us tremendously through this difficult time. I’ll always be grateful to her for letting me feel closer to my cat during his last days. Even after Happy’s left us, Ramya’s been there for us with her warm presence.  

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